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Trees help lower summer cooling costs.


We carry the following specific types of shade trees which are normally in stock.
Availability is subject to change and prior sale.


Fagus sylvatica — European Beech

"Asplenifolia"  SOLD OUT (not bringing back)

Height: 50 ft. • Spread: 35 ft. • Appearance: Spreading tree with glossy, dark green, finely textured leaves—almost fern-like—which turn yellow to orange-brown in autumn.

"Fern Leaf" SOLD OUT (not bringing back)

Height: 50-60 ft. • Spread: 35-45 ft. • Appearance: Densely pyramidal to oval or rounded branching to the ground, very formal stately in outline. Gracefully cut leaves that offer a fern-like appearance; the lustrous dark green leaves turn excellent golden brown in fall. Growth rate is slow to medium. Fruit: Nuts triangular, 5/8" long, usually 2 enclosed in 3/4" to 1" long, hard, woody, 4-lobed husk covered with bristles.

"Roseo-marginata" (syn-Purpurea Tricolor)  SOLD OUT not bringing back

Height: 30 ft. • Spread: 20 ft. • Appearance: Spreading tree with glossy, purple leaves edged and striped pink and pinkish-white.


Betula nigra — River Birch "Heritage"

Height: 45 ft. • Spread: 35 ft. • Appearance: Multi Stem clump form with cream to salmon colored bark that peels in layers. Diamond shaped glossy leaves turn yellow in autumn. Bears yellow-brown male catkins in early spring.


Ulmus joponica x wilsoniana  'morton' — Elm


Height: 60 ft. • Spread: 40 ft. • Appearance: Vigorous, graceful, vase shaped growth. Glossy dark green leaves and rich yellow fall color.


Celtis occidentalis — Hackberry

"Hackberry"  SOLD OUT not bringing back

Height: 60ft. • Spread: 60 ft. • Appearance: Youth pyramidal, old age the crown is broad top of ascending arching branches. Prefer rich moist soils, but grows in dry, heavy, sandy or rocky soils. Tolerates wind, good urban city tree. Medium - fast growing.


Carpinus caroliniana — American Hornbeam/Ironwood

"American Hornbeam - Blue Beech"

Height: 20-30 ft. • Spread: 20-30 ft. • Appearance: Rounded shape tree. Leaf color alternate, doubly serrated; lustrous dark green in summer changing to yellow, orange, red and reddish purple in fall; variation exists. Slow growing. Growth rate is slow.

Carpinus betulus fastigiata — European Hornbeam Pyramidal

"Pyramidal Hornbeam Fastigiata"

Height: 40 ft. • Spread: 20-30 ft. • Appearance: Beautiful columnar to pyramidal oval-vase shape, with distinct fan-ribbed branches; it does not develop a central leader. Leaves alternate, doubly serrated; dark green in summer changing to yellow in fall. As youth is very tall and this becoming wider at base with age. Growth rate: slow to medium. This wood is so solid it was reportedly used by the ancient Romans to make chariots, as well as being used by the American pioneers to make yokes for their oxen.


Aesculus x carnea — Horsechestnut

"Red Horsechestnut" 'Fort McNair'

Height: 30ft. • Spread: 40 ft. • Appearance: Rounded to broadly rounded. Medium growth rate. Leaf: Opposite, usually only 5 leaflets, double serrate, leathery lustrous dark green. Flower in spring: deep red flowers borne on 10" long upright panicles. Favored by hummingbirds. Fruit: light brown, spiny, 1 1/2" diameter capsule containing one, occasionally two blackish seeds, matures in fall.

• KATSURA SOLD OUT (not bringing back)

Cercidiphyllum japonicum — Katsura

"Japanese Katsura"

Height: 40-60 ft. • Spread: 20-30 ft. • Appearance: Graceful pyramidal tree with new growth emerging reddish purple gradually turning to bluish green. Leaves smell like cotton candy. Yellow to apricot fall color. Growth rate: medium to fast after established. Needs ample watering and full sun.


Gymnocladus dioicus — Coffeetree

"Kentucky Coffeetree"

Height: 60-75 ft. • Spread: 40-50 ft. • Appearance: Usually develops vertically ascending branches which form a narrow, obviate crown; picturesque; bare-limbed and somewhat clumsy looking in winter. Unique in habit, no two are alike. One of the last trees to leaf out in spring, new leaves are pinkish to purplish tinges gradually changing to dark green, almost bluish green. Fall some yellow ineffective and some excellent. Fruit: Reddish brown leathery pod, 5" - 10" long and 1 1/2" to 2" wide containing a few hard-shelled round seeds, imbedded in a sweet, sticky pulp; ripens in the fall. Flower female in spring can be very fragrant like the best rose.


Tilia americana x euchlora— American Linden, Basswood

"Redmond Linden"

Height: 40-60 ft. • Spread: 30 ft. • Appearance: Uniform pyramidal with huge green leaves that turn yellow in the fall. Small branches are red in winter.

Tilia cordata — Littleleaf Linden

"Greenspire Linden"

Height: 50 ft. • Spread: 35 ft. • Appearance: Ivory, fragrant flowers in June / Yellow foliage in fall.


Gleditsia triacanthos — Honeylocust

"Skyline Locust"

Height: 45ft. • Spread: 35 ft. • Appearance: Broad pyramidal forms with ascending branches (60-90 degree angle) compact, dark green leaves, bright golden yellow fall color. Light-shaded, a delicate and sophisticated silhouette. Culture: Withstands a wide range of conditions, prune in fall. Fast growing. Fruit: Pod, reddish brown 7-8" long, 1" wide, usually twisting.


Platanus x acerifolia — London Planetree (Sycamore)


Height: 50 ft. • Spread: 40 ft. • Appearance: Broad pyramidal tree with maple-like leaves 6-7" long by 10" wide, 3 to 5 lobed, flat medium to dark green in summer, yellow-brown in autumn. Beautiful exfoliating olive-green to creamy bark best asset. Growth rate: Fast (50' x 40' in 20-30years) Thrives in tough urban conditions.


Acer campestre — Hedge Maple

"Hedge Maple" SOLD OUT (not bringing back)

Height: 25-30 ft. • Spread: 25-30 ft. • Appearance: Pyramidal-oval or rounded dense, can be shaped for hedge, extremely adaptable. Withstands severe pruning. Exposure: full sun or light shade. Slow growing, 10-15' over 10-15' years. Dark green leaves 2 to inches long and wide, turn yellow in autumn.

Acer x freemanii — Special Hybrid Maple (cross between red and silver maples)

"Armstrong Maple"

Height: 50-70 ft. • Spread: 15 ft. • Appearance: Vigorous upright grower, emerging leaves are reddish tinged gradually changing to green, dark green leaves in summer turning red to yellowish-orange in autumn.

"Autumn Blaze"

Height: 50 ft. • Spread: 40 ft. • Appearance: Fast growing with dense, oval rounded head. Bears deeply lobed, rich green leaves in summer turning orange-red in autumn. virtually seedless.

"Sienna Glen"

HEIGHT: 60 ft. • WIDTH: 40 ft. • LEAF COLOR: The leaves are smaller than most maples, giving it a more delicate appearance. Summer leaves are rich green, with early fall color yellow-orange, with some hints of red. HABIT: upright growth habit with very uniform branching. Seedless Male


HEIGHT: 45-50 ft. • WIDTH: 25-35 ft. • LEAF COLOR: Rich green dense foliage, starts to color in early October a cast of occasional red turning to gold in mid-late October. Virtually seedless male. HABIT: upright uniform growth, strong crotch angles, fibrous root system, root upheaval that can cause sidewalk damage. CULTURE: Full sun exposure.


Acer platanoides — Norway Maple

"Columnar Norway Maple"

Height: 60 ft. • Spread 15-20 ft. • Appearance: Vigorous, tall but narrow tree with large dark green leaves throughout summer turning yellow in fall. Excellent street tree or for use in tight spaces. Medium-Fast growth rate. Columnar is an old cultivar, raised in France in 1855.

"Crimson King" actual variety: "ROYAL RED"

Height: 40 ft. • Spread 35 ft. • Appearance: Vigorous, spreading tree with maroon leaves throughout summer. Habit: oval shaped. Growth rate: Slow to Medium 19' x 16' in 10years.


Height: 50 ft. • Spread: 45 ft. • Appearance: Vigorous, spreading tree with wavy margined leaves which open brilliant red, turn dark green in summer and become orange-yellow in autumn.

"Emerald Lustre"

Height: 45 ft. • Spread: 40 ft. • Appearance: Vigorous and well-branched with red-tinged young leaves that turn glossy deep green in summer and fading to yellow in autumn.

"Emerald Queen"

Height: 50 ft. • Spread: 40 ft. • Appearance: Fast growing with an oval-rounded outline and ascending branches with bright yellow autumn color.


Height: 45 ft. • Spread: 35-40 ft. • Appearance: Thick lustrous dark green leaves, turning red and gold foliage in autumn. Habit: Broad oval rounded, dense compact branching.

Acer rubrum — Red Maple

"Autumn Flame"

Height: 60 ft. • Spread: 45 ft. • Appearance: Leaf color rich green summer, excellent and early red to burgundy fall color, smaller leaves that color earlier than the species. Peak mid-October. Habit: eventually forming a rounded (to 60') outline. Handsome selection. Growth rate: medium-fast growing, 21' x 24' after 10years. Seedless male.

"Autumn Spire"

Height: 50 ft. • Spread: 20-25 ft. • Appearance: Leaf color rich green summer, consistent early Excellent red fall color. Habit: Broad columnar form. Growth rate: Medium. Seedless male.

"Burgundy Belle"

Height: 45 ft. • Spread: 35 ft. • Appearance: Compact, oval-rounded crown, extremely uniform in outline leaves are petite. Leaf color: summer foliage medium to dark green: fall intense red maturing to burgundy; fall color is long persistent. Growth rate: Medium to fast.

"Red Sunset"

Height: 60 ft. • Spread: 45 ft. • Appearance: Upright branching oval-shaped head with dark green leaves in summer which turn excellent orange-bright red in early autumn. Winter hardy. Medium growth rate.


HEIGHT: 40 ft. • WIDTH: 35-40 ft. • LEAF: Nice lush green leaves in summer, turning red in the fall lasting a long time. HABIT: Ovate Crown, Cross of the October Glory and the Autumn Flame. Moderate growth rate. Virtually seedless male.

"Sun Valley Maple"

HEIGHT: 35-40 ft. • WIDTH: 35 ft. • LEAF: 3.8 inches wide and long leaves. Lush green in the summer. Excellent early brilliant red fall color. Virtually seedless male.

Acer saccharum — Sugar Maple

"Green Mountain"

Height: 70 ft. • Spread: 45 ft. • Appearance: Upright tree with dense, oval to rounded crown. Large mid-green leaves turn orange-yellow to scarlet in autumn. Suitable for hot, dry areas.

• OAK 

Quercus bicolor — Oak

"Swamp White Oak"

Height: 60 ft. • Spread: 60 ft. • Appearance: Stiffly pyramidal in youth, becoming rounded at maturity. Leaf Color: Lustrous dark green above, whitish or grayish green and velvety beneath. Fall usually yellowish-brown, occasionally russet-red. Growth rate: slow to medium. Fruit: Acorn is about 1" long, usually paired.

Quercus macrocarpa — Oak     COMING SOON 

"Burr Oak/Mossycup Oak"

Height: 50 ft. • Spread: 40 ft. • Appearance: Oval irregular open form, developing a massive trunk and broad crown of stout branches; impressive as open grown specimen. Leaf color: dark green 10"-12" long. Slow growing.

Quercus palustris — Oak  

"Pin Oak"

Height: 55 ft. • Spread: 40 ft. • Appearance: Strongly pyramidal, usually with a central leader; lower branches pendulous, middle horizontal, upper upright. Becoming rounded with age. Leaf color: dark green above, lighter green underneath, in autumn orange, dark-red to bronze. Growth rate: faster of the oaks. Fruit: Nut, solitary or clustered, light brown with a saucer cap, mature in second year.

Quercus palustris 'Pringreen' — Oak

"Green Pillar Oak"

Height: 60 ft. • Spread: 25 ft. • Appearance: Upright columnar. Leaf color: Dark green with beautiful red fall color.

Quercus robur fast. x Quercus bicolor 'hybrid' — Oak

"Nadler Oak" - (Kindred Spirit)

Height: 35 ft. • Spread: 6 ft. • Appearance: A vigorous growing columnar tree with a strong upright oval silhouette. Leaf color: beautiful dark green glossy foliage is silver on the underside. Resistance to wind or ice damage. Upright English Oak was hybridized with a Swamp White Oak and this tree was one of the progeny. (off spring) As part of the Swamp White Oak family, it can take very moist sites, as well as drought conditions. Medium-fast growth rate. sister to  Q.  Regal Prince.     Fruit: Nut acorn.

Quercus robur fast. x Quercus bicolor 'Long' — Oak

"Regal Prince Oak"

Height: 60 ft. • Spread: 20 ft. • Appearance: A vigorous growing columnar tree with a strong upright oval silhouette. Leaf color: bold dark green glossy foliage is silver on the underside. Fruit: Nut acorn.

Quercus rubra (borealis) — Oak

"Northern Red Oak"

Height: 60 ft. • Spread: 60 ft. • Appearance: Rounded symmetrical form. Vigorous grower with red fall color.


Zelkova serrata — Japanese Zelkova

"Green Vase"

Height: 60 ft. • Spread: 50 ft. • Appearance: Vase shaped with upright arching branches, very vigorous, taller & grows twice as fast as 'Village Green'. Leaf color: dark green foliage in summer turning orange-brown to bronze-red in fall.

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